Official Illinois State Department Website Offers Klingon Language Accessibility

The Mary Sue | August 28, 2013 - 10:50 am

Know any unemployed Klingons living in Illinois? Then you should probably go tell them their lives have become considerably easier. But since they don’t have a word for “unemployed,” you might have some difficulty explaining it, so bring a phaser in case things escalate.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security began offering Klingon as one of the languages its website can be viewed in as a way of getting a bit of attention earlier this summer when “Star Trek Into Darkness” was arriving in theaters. They decided to keep it on afterward when they realized that the novelty of it was drawing more people to their site, which offers information on unemployment benefits, veterans’ benefits, and job searching resources. “Whenever people are drawn to our website to see the benefits that we offer, that’s a good thing,” spokesman Greg Rivara told the Chicago Tribune. Read more at The Mary Sue…