Guys, If You’ve Been Slacking Off At The Gym, You Can Just Buy A Fake Torso

From the deep, dark recesses of Amazon (where all the best products lie in wait), I came across this “Silicone Muscle Man Body Suit Transformation” for the bargain price of 24,000 Yen (that’s about $250). According to the Amazon description, you should buy this self-adhesive breast plate “because it is made of silicon, muscle Muscles of lifelike, I transform myself into a body builder. Because it is a self-adhesive, wear paste directly to the skin … Paste by turning it back a long part of the image, so paste behind your back also part of the long side, you can just wear. Size so you can adjust freely, it is both men and women can wear. Be turned into a body builder, professional wrestler, muscle man, warrior, etc.”

God, I love Google translations so much. I’m imaging the joy of getting a guy naked for the first time, thinking he’s a body builder and discovering this under his t-shirt. Guys probably feel similarly when we wear water bras.  [Amazon]