A Loving Tribute To Krissi Biasiello Of “MasterChef” Season 4 (In Pics & GIFs!)

Never before has “MasterChef” had a proper villain like Krissi Biasiello, the single mom from Philly who admits to “having some evilness goin’ on inside.” While we don’t laud her racist tweets, we do appreciate a cooking show contestant who can fry up a batch of calamari while wearing door knocker earrings and shit-talking her competition, despite her crippling fear of heights. Krissi, we pay tribute to your unkind words (spoken with the thickest Philly accent we’ve ever heard) and the Krissi-missile, your delicious scalloped potato flowers (“pommes du Krissi”).

“I hope it’s raw inside because I hate her.”

“I hate Asian food.”

“I hate Bri. I don’t like the idea of having a vegetarian captain my team.”

“Sushi is disgusting.”

“I know Bri’s gonna kick his ass, just because Bime sucks at life.”

“Any time. Any place. All the way back to Philly, I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Neither one of us are going home today, so Luca can go fuck himself.”

“I will cook her little vegan ass under the table.”

“You better hold onto your knives, ’cause this bitch is coming for you.”

“[Bri] is the epitome of the girls I used to beat up in high school. I hate her.”

“You can fucking beat me with a bat, I’m going to keep getting up and win this whole competition.”

Oh, and one last thing from our resident Philly native: