What To Wear On A Girls’ Night Out

Hey, not everything is about getting a date. Sometimes you just want to hang with your best lady friends. My best friends and I are terrible at scheduling hang time — we’ll spend an entire huge email chain trying to pick a night that everyone’s free, and then somebody will suddenly remember that they promised to go to their uncle’s best friend’s wedding (looking at you Erin!). So if you’re lucky enough to have some non-flaky friends and can get together, you don’t want to have to worry about your outfit. Thankfully, we’ve chosen for girls’ night looks that’ll keep you looking cute — no matter whether you and your friends are the sip-wine-quietly-at-home types or the up-til-the-wee-hours-raging kind.

Flirty: Dorothy Perkins Spot 2 In 1 Dress, $24.95
Sexy: Sundry Ruched Tank Dress, $81
Elegant: Dorothy Perkins Leather Look Dress, $75.65
Cool: Edith A. Miller Dress, $169