No! Pippi Longstocking Can’t Have A Sex Tape

I’m prefacing this entire story with two important pieces of information: 1) Pippi Longstocking was my childhood idol. I dressed as her for three Halloweens in a row and made my mom put wire hangers in my braids on pretty much a daily basis. 2) The  Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking I really looked up to was Inger Nilsson’s version. She played the role in the Swedish TV show turned overdubbed movie series, of which I still own the box set.

This should make it easier for me to accept the fact that Tami Erin, who played Pippi in the 1988 remake of the film “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking” (and not nearly as well as Inger, in my opinion) is allegedly shopping a hardcore sex tape. According to TMZ, the tape features the 39-year-old in “various sexual situations — most of which involve an unidentified penis.” Thank God Mr. Nilsson and the horse aren’t involved. But still, my inner 5-year-old feels violated.

Erin foreshadowed (then denied) her eventual sex tape in a strange interview with the Daily Herald back in March:

Tami Erin: “I wish I had more roles where I could be really sexy and reveal that side of myself.”

Daily Herald: Now, she may have the chance to do just that in her new quasi-autobiographical screenplay, “I Hope You Enjoy My Sex Tape.” She got the title idea from agents, the “honey-sweetie-baby-I-know-what-you-need” type.”I need a lead role in a studio movie that shows my emotional range!” she told them.”No,” the agents told her, “you need a sex tape!”

Tami Erin: “Whaaat? No! … But that’s how people are getting famous these days, by making sex tapes. I don’t have a sex tape.”

OK, Tami Erin, whatever you say. And now I am compelled to search for Pippi Longstocking videos like this one I found on YouTube. This is all making me feel so strange.

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