Are You “Quirky-Interesting” Enough To Join Dating Site Loveflutter?

How quirky are you? Quirky enough for LoveFlutter? It’s a new dating site that’s set on matching your “Amelie”-loving ass with some guy who’s really into Neutral Milk Hotel. LoveFlutter aims to be the dating site of the “quirky” and “interesting,” but not every quirky person can make the cut. To get access to LoveFlutter’s pool of sexy origami-making, vegan unicycle-riding, basket-weaving weirdos, you’ve got to pass the Loveflutter test. Oh, what’s that, you ask?

It’s a 10-question test with questions like “If you were in a band (and could sing and play guitar) what role would you take?” (aka are you outgoing and cool?) and “Taking your most recent status update or tweet, how many people liked, commented or retweeted it?” (aka are you witty and popular?). There are also questions like “How many books have you read in the last six months?” (aka are you cultured? Illiterate?) and “After a hard day at work, you just get in. What would you rather watch on TV?” (aka are a plebe who enjoys the “Real Housewives” franchises?) The quiz also asks how many trips you’ve taken outside the country in the last six months, which has a classist, privileged air about it. Who, after all, has the money to up their “quirky-interesting” score by traveling to multiple far-flung destinations, but well-off people?

I took the test and answered conservatively, knowingly trying to foul up my score. Here’s the message I got, after telling the quiz that I’d prefer to be a backup singer, I had no retweets, I’ve read one or two books and I love reality TV:


Judgey, judgey!

The quiz informed me that I wasn’t “quirky-interesting” enough for Loveflutter’s pool of mix-tape making, paper-bag watching, self-described quirksters, that I wouldn’t make it to the final round and get to share pumpkin flax bread recipes and boast that I’d seen every Godard film in my profile. But that didn’t stop Loveflutter from asking me if my more interesting friends might be interested in joining up. “Your Quirky-Interesting Score wasn’t high enough to join Loveflutter, a new dating site exclusively for interesting people. Can your single friends make the grade?” it asks.

Maybe it’s the Groucho Marx in me, but I would never want to be a member of any group that would have me — if it meant having to pass some kind of stupid “Are you weird enough?” test. It seems that this is just a way for “quirky-interesting” people to be as exclusive and judgmental as the people around them who consider them outsiders. It’s a very immature hipster mentality that reminds me of an old King Missile song, “It’s Saturday”:

I want to be different, like everybody else
I want to be like
I want to be just like all the different people

I have no further interest in being the same
Because I have seen difference all around
And now I know that that’s what I want

I don’t want to blend in and be indistinguishable
I want to be a part of the different crowd
And assert my individuality along with the others
Who are different like me

And anyway, if you need some website to confirm your Manic Pixie Dream Girl status with a quiz, how interesting or quirky could you really be? [LoveFlutter]