And The Most Racially Insensitive Online Dating Profile Award Goes To … This Guy!

Found on OKCupid: This 45-year-old “small business owner/failed comedian” who posted a profile picture of himself in blackface. The caption noted that he was dressed this way for Halloween. (And why OKC didn’t censor this photo in the first place is beyond me.) According to Jezebel, this charming  lover of karaoke who “personally identifies with” the film “He’s Just Not That Into You,”came up as a 70 percent match for an African-American dater in Ontario. Naturally, she was horrified:

“I was completely shocked … It was doubly horrifying because this guy was supposed to be a ‘match’ for me! As an African-American woman, I am currently running the gambit of emotions ranging from being hurt, feeling disgusted and also rage. There is some point where algorithms should be damned! How can someone who is so racially insensitive (I refrain from using ‘racist’ because I have experienced true racism) be a 70% match for me!!!”

Those of us who have been on OK Cupid know that there are some serious turds on that site — on all online dating sites, really. (See Enemies of OK Cupid.) We’ve all gotten lame and/or sexually offensive messages, have been matched with guys we would NEVER date in real life and have viewed a profile or two that made us go, WTF? A guy wearing a monocle in his profile pic once asked me what I looked like in gloves. No joke. Whatever complete weirdo/dirtbag/goon you’ve come across in your matches, this guy appears to be the absolute winner. Or I should say loser. Unless you’ve encountered something worse. In which case, please share. [Jezebel]