Worst Nightmare: Woman Gets Locked In Acupuncture Clinic Mid-Treatment, Has To Pull Needles Out Of Herself

Listen, as a scatterbrained creative type with unmedicated ADD, I’m never going to get down on anyone for being absentminded. But, like, if you’re an acupuncturist, you might want to set a timer or something after you fill a patient with needles, because if you don’t, you might forget about them, go home for the day, and lock the door behind you. This is exactly what happened to a very unlucky woman who was getting an acupuncture treatment at a clinic in Arlington, Texas. After getting the needles inserted, she was trying to relax but instead watched helplessly as her acupuncturist left the building and locked up. After calling for help for 5 minutes, she was forced to pull the needles out herself (!!) to be able to get to her phone to call 911. The police asked a worker from a different business in the same building to unlock the door and let the poor woman out. The acupuncturist, meanwhile, was totally baffled and embarrassed by his mistake. I’m not ready to rule out the possibility that this is some kind of radical new treatment for people with abandonment issues, but either way, I think I’ll pass. [Daily Mail]

[Photo of acupuncturist via Shutterstock]