Today Is National Topless Day — Are You Celebrating?

  • Today is the fourth annual National Topless Day, a boobs-out holiday of sorts where we commemorate the day women earned the right to vote — August 26, 1920 — by going topless.  [NY Daily News]
  • It’s also known as Women’s Equality Day, if you’re not into the whole “flashing the audience” thing. [Feministing]
  • Speaking of: Is Miley Cyrus crafting her image and success “on the backs of women of color”? Just what was that VMA performance about? [Think Progress]
  • Florida teenager Kaitlyn Hunt, who was thrown in jail for having underage lesbian sex with her girlfriend in February, was sent back to jail for violating the terms of her pre-trial release. Her 14-year-old girlfriend admitted the pair had sex as recently as a few weeks ago. [Daily Mail]
  • A group of African-American patrons waiting for a table was asked to leave a Charleston, South Carolina, Wild Wings restaurant because a white customer felt “threatened.” [Clutch Magazine]
  • Scientists are in the process of developing a tablet called the ePartogram, a mobile system designed to aid midwives and protect and monitor women in labor, which should help save women’s lives during pregnancy. [Forbes]
  • The Obama administration is about on par with the Clinton administration when it comes to appointing women to high-level posts. [NY Times]
  • The Miss Arab beauty pageant isn’t your typical beauty pageant. [Animal NY]