See A Young, Hairy Aaron Paul Audition For “Breaking Bad”

I haven’t auditioned for anything since Clearview Regional High School’s 1992 production of Sweet Charity and that, naturally, didn’t go so well. Howevs, I think it’s safe to assume that if the casting director is cracking up while you’re reading your lines — the way the “Breaking Bad” casting director is giggling while a young, long-haired Aaron Paul auditions f0r the show in 2007 — it’s going pretty well. I missed last night’s episode (NO SPOILERS, THANKS!), but it’s safe to say that Jesse Pinkman is one of the greatest characters on TV right now, and most of that is thanks to Paul’s love and dedication to Jesse’s story. Pinkman was, after all, supposed to be killed off after the first season of the show, but Vince Gilligan saw something in Paul and kept him around. We do too. [YouTube]