Love It Or Leave It: Bella Thorne’s Mustard-Covered Overalls

I don’t care what you say, Bella Thorne’s name sounds like it was made up specifically to appeal to the “Twilight” generation. But do I like her mustard yellow overalls? Yes, yes, I do. I realize they’re not for everyone, specifically anyone with, say, yellow undertones to their skin (yellow on yellow just makes you look like a slightly rancid banana), but paired with a stripe-y tank top and a dye job in sort of the same color family, and I think it really works. Granted, she’s screwed up overalls before, but I think she’s earned a second chance. Plus, I like to imagine she’s carrying a box of donuts in there, which endears her to me even more. Who doesn’t love a lady cradling donuts?

But what do you think of her look?

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