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It’s hard to choose the best part of Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but if I had to pick just one memorable nanosecond, it would be the bored, faintly annoyed reaction Rihanna gave to Miley Cyrus’s out of control tongue-out twerkathon performance of “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines” (with Robin Thicke). Rihanna had the same expression that I put on when my dad tries to explain my tax returns to me or tells me about how much he loves the new John Mayer record: I can it the “when will this be over?” face. Also, she was likely very, very out-of-her-mind high.

With that in mind, we imagined what Rihanna might do when face with some other incredible moments/unbelievable shitshows. Like the following:

1. The Moon Landing

The moon landing

Rihanna Reaction Gif

Rihanna: “Meh.”

2. Hank Discovers Walt Is Heisenberg On “Breaking Bad”

Hank discovers Walt is Heisenberg

Rihanna Reaction Gif

Rihanna: “Hmm.”

3. Mount St. Helens Erupts

A volcano erupts

Rihanna Reaction Gif

Rihanna: “Boring.”

4. The Red Wedding On “Game Of Thrones”

The Red Wedding

Rihanna Reaction Gif

Rihanna: “Did you say something?”

5. The Hindenberg Disaster

The Hindenberg Disaster

Rihanna Reaction Gif

Rihanna: “Oh?”

6. A Building Collapses

building collapse

Rihanna Reaction Gif

Rihanna: “Snoozefest.

7. Baby Pandas Wrestle


Rihanna Reaction Gif

Rihanna: “How nice. Yawn.”

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