30 Things We Never Thought We Could Do … Until We Did

Lately I’ve been thinking about the things we believe we can’t do, and how many of them we actually end up doing at some point in our lives. For me, moving across the country and dealing with my brother being deployed are two things that fall in that category. I’m not saying these are the pinnacle achievements of the human experience or anything, but for me, personally, these were two things I never thought I could do, and this year I did/am doing both. I asked the rest of the Frisky ladies to tell me their “Oh my God, I just did that” accomplishments, and it turns out we’ve proved ourselves wrong and pushed our own limits in everything from sex and relationships to skydiving and facing our fears of chickens. Check out our list below, and please share your own in the comments!

1. Run a 5K.

2. Break up with a toxic friend.

3. Sing in front of people.

4. Get rid of half my wardrobe.

5. Play beach volleyball for the first time in my life in front of strangers.

6. Work two jobs, seven days a week for nine months.

7. Have group sex.

8. Stand up to asshole family members.

9. Break into my ex’s email and social media accounts and read his private correspondence.

10. Tell a woman that I was hooking up with her boyfriend.

11. Play hardball to negotiate for a raise.

12. Teach a roomful of 13-year-olds.

13. Write something that people actually read.

14. Run a half-marathon.

15. Do flying trapeze.

16. Do a 2 hour sweat in a hogan.

17. Break up with someone I love because I know, deep down, they aren’t right for me.

18. Skydiving.

19. Pushups.

20. Shoot a gun.

21. The Auckand Sky Tower Walk.

22. Travel alone.

23. Pay off all my credit card debt.

24. Enjoy working out.

25. Go inside a chicken coop.

26. Date a Republican.

27. Take an improv class.

28. Fly alone.

29. Do a handstand.

30. Be the boss.

Alright, your turn! What’s something you never thought you could do … until you did it? 

[Photo of proud woman via Shutterstock]