Josh Duhamel Is Determined Not To Raise A Little A-Hole

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 24, 2013

“I was a little shit … I was really a kid who spent most of the time outside, catching turtles and frogs and stuff like that…That’s pretty much all I did as a kid … It’s really important to us that we don’t raise an entitled little brat …We want to raise a kid who’s confident, compassionate, and it’s really important that we do that, so it’s important that I set a good example for him.”

Anxious father-to-be Josh Duhamel talks about how he plans to raise his little Ferglet. We’re anxious too because it seems like Fergie’s been preggo forever. We want to see that bebe — who we hope looks like Josh, but doesn’t inherit his “little shit” genes. [People]