Photojournalism Intern, 22, Gang Raped In Mumbai, India

A 22-year-old photojournalism intern in Mumbai (Bombay), India, was brutally gang raped by five men last night, as her male friend was violently attacked. It’s yet another shocking act of sexual violence against women in India — a country fraught with high-profile acts of sexual violence against women and girls over the past year, several of them resulting in death.

According to The Los Angeles Times, at around 6 p.m. last night, the intern went with a male friend, also a journalist, to photograph Shakti Mills, an abandoned textile mill in southern Mumbai, for a piece she was working on for an English-language lifestyle magazine. Near the location of the mill, they pair was attacked by two men. The male friend, who is 21, had his hands tied with a belt and was beaten. The two attackers took turns raping the woman over the course of an hour and a half, during which they then called in three more friends, who also raped her. Eventually the attackers fled and the victims were able to catch a rickshaw to the nearest hospital.

Police have identified the five attackers and arrested one so far. The victim is currently hospitalized in “serious but stable condition with internal injuries.”

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