Let “The Illusion” Explain The Fine Art Of The Bowl Cut

You know that recurring “Saturday Night Live” skit “The Californians”? It’s one of my faves. This YouTube video of a man — who refers to himself as “The Illusion” — giving himself a sweet bowl cut seems to have jumped right out of that world. “The Illusion” lives in Malibu, California (natch) — “somewhere on spaceship Earth” — and enjoys three things: 1) A sweet bowl cut, 2) hot rock jams, as evidenced by the music playing in the background as he gives himself a haircut, and 3) referring to himself in the third person.

Anyway, I’ve watched “The Illusion”‘s instructional video more than a few times, and have culled the following tips on giving yourself his signature look…

1. Don’t fuckin’ sweat it. It is what it is. It’s a bowl cut.

2. The only way to do something — like get a bowl haircut — is to do it yourself.

3. Imperfection is the secret to perfection. Lopsided is okay.

4. Never forget to comb that bad boy out.

5. Get rid of the excess “no bueno” stuff with a couple snips in the back.

Any questions? Didn’t think so. [YouTube]