Lena Dunham Was A 19-Year-Old Virgin — Plus The Average Person Only Falls Madly In Love Twice In Their Life

  • When Lena Dunham was a 19-year-old virgin, she wrote a letter to Time Out New York seeking advice for how to lose her v-card. [POPSUGAR Love & Sex]
  • Dudes if you’re looking to get kinkier here are some tips for getting started with all that. DO IT NOW! [Em & Lo]
  • Reality check. New research shows that you’ll probably only fall madly in love twice in your whole life. That’s why all your dating sucks. You’re just biding time until your madly-in-love comes along. [Nerve]
  • And when you do fall madly in love, you can stalk him forever and ever with this boyfriend tracker app that is guaranteed to bring out the batshit insane inside of you. [iVillage]
  • Here are some things guys do that drive us batshit insane. No boyfriend tracker app necessary. [Ask Men]
  • Watching porn for charity is a great excuse to get streaming. Not that you needed an excuse. [Uptown Mag]
  • It’s definitely not weird to be asexual, it’s just hard for most people to understand. [Gurl]
  • If you’re not sure if a woman wants you, here are some subtle signs that she’s trying to get a piece. [Modern Man]
  • You too can have a vaginal orgasm like the Czech women in this study. [Your Tango]