Guess Who’s Live Tweeting The VMAs For The Frisky?

The MTV Video Music Awards are on Sunday, and we’re watching them the best (and only) way we know how: The Frisky way.

And you’ll never guess who’s live tweeting for us during the show…

julieWhile our Social Media Manager, Katie, attempts to inconspicuously watch the VMAs live feed from a bathroom stall at her friend’s wedding (womp womp), our very own snarky stylista and Brooklyn bitch, Julie, will be live tweeting for The Frisky!

If you want a boring play-by-play of the red carpet and awards, you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree. For those of you who crave entertainment with a side of inappropriate and hilarity, come play with us.

Just be sure you’re following @TheFrisky on Twitter and using the hashtag #TheVMASpin. Tune in at 7 p.m. EST on Sunday, August 25 and don’t miss any of the nip-slips, *NSYNC reunions, or ‘Is-Gaga-wearing-live-baby-kittens?’ moments. (A girl can dream, right?)

See ya then!