BuzzFeed Publishes Anti-Planned Parenthood Article Written By Personhood USA

Texas Abortion Ban
Texas wants to ban abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. Read More »
Not This Crap Again
Rep. Trent Franks
Rep. Trent Franks says pregnancy from rape is rare. Read More »
Idiot Politician
steve king
... says he's never heard of a girl getting pregnant from rape or incest. Read More »
planned parenthood buzzfeed
  • BuzzFeed actually ran a “listicle” written anti-abortion group Personhood USA, “8 Outrageous Things Planned Parenthood Was Caught Doing,” which includes items like “Taking money to abort African-American babies.” What the fuck, BuzzFeed? How the hell did this get editorially greenlit? [BuzzFeed]
  • Domonique Newburn, 32, a transgender woman and the star of a web-based reality series called “Hollywood Houseboys” was found dead in Fontanta, California this week.  Newburn isn’t the only trans woman who has been victim of a violent crime recently: Islan Nettles, 21, of New York City, was attacked last week in Harlem and succumbed to her injuries last night. [USA Today]
  • On the shameful media coverage of Chelsea Manning’s gender transition. [Feministing]
  • The New Yorker checks in with San Francisco’s Lusty Lady strip club, which is shutting down. [The New Yorker]
  • Riot grrl Kathleen Hanna on her new band Julie Ruin. [Time Out NY]


  • A hospital in Dublin, Ireland has carried out the country’s first-ever legal abortion. [Think Progress]
  • The Maldives have overturned a sentence of 100 lashes for a 15-year-old girl who had premarital sex. [BBC]
  • A study of bonuses for management roles in the UK found that male bosses get twice as much as female bosses. [Guardian UK]

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