Bob Filner’s Sexual Harassment Victims Would Have Been Down If It Came From Ryan Gosling Instead

You know what’s really not the point when we are discussing sexual harassment and sexual assault?  How attractive the perpetrator is.  And that’s a point that was lost on CNN commenter, criminal defense attorney Darren Kavinoky, who questioned whether San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is expected to resign today after an 18th woman came forward alleging sexual abuse, is guilty of anything other than being unattractive.  LADIES BE SUPERFICIAL, AMIRITE?

“One of these accusers said he grabbed both of her hands and asked for a date,” CNN’s Kavinoky said. “If you took out the words Bob Filner and inserted the words Ryan Gosling, you wouldn’t have a problem.” Because let’s be real, ladies — it doesn’t feel violating when the boss squeezing your butt cheeks or honking your tits is, like, sooooo cute! ::twirls hair around finger::

I’m sorry, Darren Kavinoky, but I’d still be frightened and traumatized if Ryan Gosling was my employer or colleague and touched me without my consent. This ridiculous chapter in American politics is not about Bob Filner being a horny lustful old man who was just acting out all men’s fantasies of sex and power. It’s about an entitled white man who believes he is entitled to what he wants when he wants it — what his victims want be damned.

That’s sexual abuse, not sex. The difference is that it’s unwanted — that’s what makes it criminal.[Gawker]

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