Report: San Diego Mayor Bob Filner To Resign After 18th Woman Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment

Eighteen is the magic number! It took 18 different women to accuse San Diego’s mayor Bob Filner of sexual assault and sexual harassment before his eventual resignation, according to NBC San Diego sources.

After repeated calls from friends, colleagues and a “Blurred Lines” parody asking Filner to resign, the mayor — who has only admitted to “intimidation” of women, but has never come out to admit sexual harassment by its name — has agreed to resign on Friday. Recently, Filner checked into two-weeks of counseling for “sensitivity” training — because how else would he know not to grab women’s breasts and buttocks without their consent?!?! — and then checked himself out one week early. I guess finally the jig is up.

Good riddance, asshole. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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