Really, Singles Don’t Need Wristbands To Identify Their Status

I was still trying to understand the impetus behind toilet dating, when I saw yet another shitty idea for the unattached: single wristbands. Seriously, is trying to embarrass single people trendy for fall? Rina Mardahl and Rob Young’s amazing relationship inspired them to create MY Single Band, colored, silicone wristbands that single people can wear to identify each other in public places. Kind of like those Live Strong bands but for the unlucky in love. If you didn’t catch it, the “MY” in MY Single Band is the first initial of both of their last names. CLEVER.

Even though these two just happened to get lucky and meet while they were on vacation (without the help colored bands to identify themselves, they’re very concerned that the rest of the single population might “miss out on meeting their soul mate by not saying the first hi.”

‘We began to question the laid back approach to meeting other singes that most of us take and decided that a single identifier would be of huge benefit to singles,” Rob told The Daily Mail. “There are literally hundreds of millions of singles, yet finding one for you has always been comparable to a needle in a haystack. “

The bracelets, which cost $10 each, are embossed with the words “fate,” “future” and “destiny.” Barf.

If single people start wearing these lame bracelets, then I think the MY Single Band should make wristbands for other people as well. There could be a bracelets that identify cheaters, unhappily marrieds, the newly dumped or couples so annoyingly in love that they start a single wristband company so everyone can have what they have.

How about you save you $10 and your dignity. If you see someone you’re attracted to, just say hello and if he or she is involved, well, no big loss. [Daily Mail UK]