“The Bachelor” Star Gia Allemand’s Suicide Details Emerge

  • Gruesome details have come out about reality TV star Gia Allemand’s suicide: she hung hanged herself with a vacuum cleaner cord while on the phone with her mom. Allemand’s boyfriend Ryan Anderson, a player for the New Orleans Pelicans, reportedly told her in a fight hours before that he didn’t love her anymore. The 29-year-0ld model had appeared on Jake Pavelka’s season of “The Bachelor.” What a terrible story. [Page Six]
  • Lance Bass has shot down rumors of a *NSYNC reunion at this Sunday’s MTV VMAs. Dream. Crushed. [Buzzfeed]
  • “Sons Of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam is up for the role of Christian Grey in the big screen adaption of “50 Shades Of Grey,” according to a TwitchFilm source. Shailene Woodley and Felicity Jones are two of the names being batted around for Anastasia. At this point, hasn’t everyone in young Hollywood been tied to this project? [TwitchFilm]
  • Guess who has a small starring role on “Breaking Bad” this Sunday? J.Crew’s big wig Mickey Drexler. (I’m holding out hope for a role for Jenna Lyons in next season’s “Mad Men.”) [Fashionista]
  • Meet Anderson Cooper’s stalker: a Jewish white supremacist former mental patient! [TMZ]
  • Ruh roh: Rutina Wesley from “True Blood” has filed from divorce from her husband, Jacob Fishel. [People]
  • Drew Barrymore is the last person in the world to finally join Twitter. [US Weekly]
  • Confirming his belief that God is dead, Ian Solmerholder adopted a rescue pup and named her Nietzsche. [People]
  • There’s been a lot of lawsuits lately by unpaid interns and one financial services intern even died recently after working too many all nighters. So let’s have some real talk: what do you really, truly get out of being an intern? [Jezebel]

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