Study Says Women Are Happiest With Their Naked Bodies At Age 34

The morning of November 16th, I am going to wake up, strip off my pajamas, stand in front of the full-length mirror and bask in the glory of my own body. That is because I turn 34 on November 16, marking the first day of the year on earth in which I will be most delighted with the way my naked body looks. That’s according to a study by a UK-based skin and body care firm that says women are happiest with the way they look in the buff at age 34. I have to say, at three months shy of this gloriously self-assured birthday year, I’m feeling pretty damn good about my bod. The study posits that women feel most satisfied with their naked physiques at 34 because by that age many of us have figured out the best diet and exercise to suit our lives and body types. This is certainly true for me — this year, I’ve been far more invested in finding a fitness routine that interests me and have been eating healthier. Simply feeling better has made me look at my body with a new appreciation.

The study also suggests that a contributing factor could be that by the early- to mid-30s, many women are in long-term relationships that boost their confidence “inside and out.” I’m single, but I’m not going to argue with the fact that having someone in your life who wants to fuck you on the regs ain’t bad for the ol’ self-esteem. Mostly though, I think my naked body satisfaction (which hasn’t even peaked yet!) comes from a combination of A) working out because I want to feel healthy and strong, and B) no longer giving as much of a shit about meeting some impossible standard. But this study also concerns me. Should I expect a dip in naked satisfaction on November 16, 2014? [Telegraph UK]

[Photo of naked woman in front of a mirror via Shutterstock]