James Franco Is Getting His Own Reality Show!

I’m currently somewhere between the Amusement and Attraction stages of the Lifecycle of Emotional Reactions to James Franco. (So funny! So cute! Even with his “Spring Breakers”‘ cornrows.) But as one’s feelings about James are forever evolving, I know it won’t be long before I’m making my way through the Admiration, Annoyance and Abhorrence stages, coming full circle (again and again). Something tells me that I’ll be firmly entrenched in the latter stage once Franco’s reality show, “James Franco Presents,” makes its debut on Ovation in November.

Franco announced the show in an Instagram video (of course):

He also posted a few photos, which emphasize the show will be about art:

James Franco Is Getting His Own Reality Show!

According to Variety, “The prolific actor/writer/director/teacher and all-around polymath will star and executive produce an unscripted series in which he’ll explore his many personal artistic pursuits and passions.” Oh shit, I can already feel the subtlest touch of annoyance. Variety continues:

The series will give viewers a glimpse at highlights of the hundreds of hours of video he’s shot over the years that’s never been seen before, including some of his experimental short films. In addition to plumbing his past work, Franco will also let cameras tag along in other facets of his professional life as well.

Is it possible I might skip the Admiration stage this time around? No, wait, the Comedy Central Roast of Franco is coming up first and I’m anticipating feeling admiration for his good sportsmanship. Phew. My Lifecycle theory holds true. [Variety]