Hermès Is Now Producing The Priciest Blue Balls Of All Time

Will we ever live to see the day in which Hermès exhausts the world’s vast supply of mundane items to hand-stitch and mark up to the tune of one million dollars? At this rate, it is quite possible. The French heritage brand beloved for their fiiiiiine leather goods is now responsible for the fanciest, most ‘spensive blue balls you ever did see. If you’re sick and tired of looking at boring old basketball-colored basketballs, Hermès’s bright blue version crafted from bull calfskin may just be worth its $12,900 price tag. The color, explained the high-fashion house’s U.S. CEO Robert Chavez, “represents the sky, the ocean, and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in L.A. and Southern California.” Ah, yes, all those beautiful, beautiful pools. [THR via The Cut]