Indonesia Says No To “Virginity Tests” On Senior High School Girls

  • Indonesian officials have said “thanks, but no thanks” to a proposal to require female high school seniors undergo what is referred to as “virginity testing,” but really means forcing a young woman to prove that she has a hymen. An education official on Sumatra suggested “virginity testing” would discourage premarital sex — apparently because some punishment would befall women who were not found to have a hymen. [ABC News]
  • Spike Lee listened to his critics and added seven films by women to his list of essential films given to NYU grad school students. That’s still not very many women on the entire list. But I guess we’ll take it, Spike. [IndieWire]
  • The anti-street harassment organization Hollaback! launched an app to report abuse to NYC officials in real time. []
  • On Russell Simmons’ “Harriet Tubman sex tape” and the metaphoric rape of Tubman’s history. [Ms. Magazine]
  • The National Women’s Law Center has published a report specifically addressing abortion legislation both on the state and national level as they pertain to terminating pregnancies resulting from rape. [RH Reality Check]
  • The wife of New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn said the family has been the target of death threats because they are lesbians. [ABC Local]
  • An author explains why she hates the “strong female character” trope. [New Statesman]
  • An all-female crew of mixologists is opening their own bar in New York City — cool!  [Gothamist]
  • Looking to do some good in the world? Throw some cash at the Kickstarter for Criptiques, an anthology about sex, parenting and identity by disabled women. [Kickstarter]


  • Noor Zia Atmar, a pioneering female MP in Afghanistan, has been living in a domestic violence shelter for two years and is seeking asylum. But even though she’s been targeted by the Taliban for her feminist views, she’s been told by the British embassy that physical abuse fat the hands of her husband isn’t reason enough to help her. [Telegraph UK]
  • Aboriginals in Australia who are victims of rape are reluctant to report their abuse because they fear social ostracism by their communities. [Herald Sun AU]
  • Supermodel Liu Wen from China is the first ever Asian model to make it onto Forbes’ list of the top 1o highest paid models in the world. [Styleite]

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