Anti-“Stand Your Ground” PSA Reenacts The Night George Zimmerman Shot Trayvon Martin

In what is sure to cause at least some controversy, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has released this PSA in protest of the various “Stand Your Gun” laws around the country, reenacting the night Trayvon Martin was killed. In the video, we see a man (representing Zimmerman) following a young black man (representing Martin) walking down a dark street, while the sound of Zimmerman’s real 911 call plays. There are gunshots, and then the sound of the 911 call from a neighbor reporting the shooting. Instead of just seeing one body lying on the grass, there are multiple, all wearing hoodies. The PSA is sure to have its critics, particularly because Zimmerman’s attorneys did not use Stand Your Ground as his defense — they stuck to regular ol’ self defense. (However, it is worth noting that the judge’s instructions to the jury in the case made it clear that they needed to consider whether Zimmerman was within his rights to “stand his ground” the night he shot Martin, and one juror told Anderson Cooper that “stand your ground” was one reason why the jury didn’t convict.) What do you think of the PSA? Is it successful? [YouTube]