9 Crappy Messages About Love & Friendship We Learned From Watching Rom-Coms

I watched the movie “Something Borrowed” in its entirety on Sunday afternoon. I was cleaning, and dealing with a cold, and, sue me, I will probably watch anything with Ginnifer Goodwin in it if given the opportunity.

Have you seen it? Good, don’t. I’ll tell you about it instead. “Something Borrowed” stars Goodwin and Kate Hudson as Rachel and Darcy, two diametrically opposed best friends both in love with Dex (played by Colin Egglesfield and his eyebrows). Dex is Darcy’s fiancé, but he’s Rachel’s true love, and therein lies the problem. Dex and Rachel are supposed to be together and they embark on a weird physical and emotional affair and lie their faces off to Darcy about it. 

Some other stuff happens, but the basic crux of the movie is that if your friend is kind of self-absorbed it’s totally okay if you lie to her and sleep with her fiance. Especially if you and the dude went to law school together and you could have dated him, but you were just too much of a shy pussy to make a move. “Something Borrowed” would like you to not just root for the cheaters, but feel bad for them, to totally accept the idea that self-actualization means giving yourself permission to step all over your friends.

Of course, “Something Borrowed” is hardly the only rom-com with a questionable message. There’s heaps of them. And no one’s suggesting that you base your ethics off of what Kate Hudson’s various movie characters have done, but some of these movies are so achingly tone deaf they deserve to be called out.

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