Actor Thomas Gibson Gets Catfished By A “Beautiful Woman”

Stars, they’re just like us! They also get tricked into devious pornographic online relationships with beautiful strangers who are actually, probably, basement-dwelling anti-social weirdos. Case in point: Thomas Gibson, star of “Dharma and Greg” and “Criminal Minds,” who’s allegedly been engaging in an illicit online affair with a woman in North Dakota.

The affair has been going on for two years, claims the woman, who admitted that stole images from racy sites like and sent them to Gibson. According to the woman, all was going well until a few months ago, when Gibson’s lawyers sent her a note demanding that she drop contact because they’d discovered her pictures were fake. She refused to release her name, but what she did hand over, though, was a video tape of Gibson in a hot tub. And yes, it’s almost too embarrassing to watch. 

Gibson, who is married with kids, responded to the story on Twitter, claiming it was a “spliced bunch of lies” and “no one’s business.” What would Nev say? [TMZ]