911 Dispatcher Saves A Woman’s Wedding

When Amanda, from Kent, Washington, began sobbing on the phone to a 911 dispatcher named Candice about her wedding dress that had been stolen on her wedding day, Candice knew she had to help.

Taken right out of the back of her car on her big day, Amanda’s wedding dress was a hand-me-down from her cousin, worth $6,000.

As Amanda explained her situation through tears, Candice asked a rather odd question, “What size is your dress?”

Minutes later, Candice texted the responding officer a picture of her twirling around in her own wedding dress about a year before, asking Amanda if she would want to borrow it for her wedding that day.

“It was just an immediate reaction,” said Candice. “I’ve been a bride so I can just put myself in her place about how horrified she would be. That’s kind of the biggest part of the wedding.”

When Amanda accepted the offer, Candice and her husband took the beautiful lace dress to her Amanda’s fiancé. Unbelievably, the dress fit Amanda like a glove, and her wedding day was saved! [ABC News]