4 Life & Love Lessons From Maroon 5

I will just come out and say it, because this is a safe space — Adam Levine is my secret guilty pleasure and celebrity crush. The hair, the inscrutable tattoos, that reedy, breathy falsetto — he’s the dude that induces eye-rolling at the beginning of the night, but at last call, you’re taking him home. He is my LA-singer-songwriter-babe-I’m-in-a-band kryptonite, and that is why he is here to stay. Surely a man with all these character traits has a lot to say about love. Thankfully, he has left us with his one true gift to the world — the music of Maroon 5. Let’s take a deep dive into the lyrics of Maroon 5 and eke out the very valuable lessons in live and love that Adam has left for us, sprinkled like so many jewels over the years.  Come!

1. “This Love.” Here’s the story: boy and girl meet, torrid love affair ensues, boy and girl break up over and over again, until at least one of the members present can’t hang anymore.

The Lesson: If you’re in a relationship and you find yourself being the jerk, do everyone a favor and get on out. It’s not worth it.

2. “Payphone.” Sometimes we hit rock bottom, and find ourselves in situations that we certainly didn’t want for ourselves, including but not limited to standing in a pay phone that hasn’t been used since the Clinton administration making desperate, sad calls to someone who probably isn’t going to pick up.

The Lesson: An unanswered phone is probably a sign that you need to hang it up and move on.

3. “She Will Be Loved.” The lesson here is clear — sometimes it’s OK to let someone in and take care of you. Don’t resist — go with it.

The Lesson: Like the titular “she,” let yourself be loved. It’s gonna be okay, we promise.

4. “Harder To Breathe.” Never give up! Don’t give up! Perseverance is key. in this case, it’s about being persistent after a man, but I’m going to apply this to most things in life that are important aside from men like career, getting that apartment you want, or whatever. “There’s no way we’re gonna give up,” says Adam. That’s right.

The Lesson: Don’t give up on your dreams whether it be a new job, a raise, or whatever. Be strong!