Totally Coveted: New Wave Vinyl, ’70s Platforms & A Brooklyn Apartment

This is Totally Coveted, our new whenever series documenting all the super ridiculous crap we want but (probably, most certainly) are too sensible to buy. Hey, a girl can dream — about $1,200 shoes — can’t she? Take a peek at what we’re coveting, and then tell us what you’re lusting after in the comments!

1. Michael Kors Disco Platforms $447.99

Winona: While 50s silhouettes generally look better on me, I’m completely obsessed with 70s style, especially anything that evokes Studio 54 vibes. These mirrored gold heel platforms definitely fit the bill. I want to pair them with a gold lame maxi dress and have an ill-advised fling with Mick Jagger.

2. An apartment at 150 N. 3rd St. in Brooklyn, NY, $1,295 million

Rachel: I’ve been through the ringer with my living situation in the past few months, and am weeks away from being homeless yet again. Excellent! My desire to stay in trendy (read: expensive) Williamsburg and decidedly untrendy budget means that I can just barely afford a 10″ by 10″ (if I’m lucky) room in someone else’s apartment, but if I really had to, I think I could probably talk myself into settling for this $1.295 million 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo. God, that private terrace looks just awful, doesn’t it?

3. New Order, Substance, $114

Julie: I own a lot of vinyl records, but lately, I’ve been going back to things I’ve only owned on MP3 or CD and repurchasing them on vinyl. Not everything, of course, but the quality stuff that I know I’m going to want to listen to for a long time to come. New Order is definitely one of those bands, but it can be difficult to find some of their records on vinyl these days. Case in point: The band’s 1987 2-LP Substance, which features hits like “Blue Monday” and “Temptation.” A copy in decent shape is going for $114 on Amazon, which is just way, way, too much. I’ll find you someday, Substance!

4. RED Valentino Floral Print Dress, $895

Winona: I wouldn’t wear this dress in public because I’d be scared that the realistic floral print might attract bees, but my god, I can think of about a thousand indoor activities I would wear it for (example: sipping champagne in my living room while watching “Bob’s Burgers).

5. NARS And God Created Woman Set, $59

Rachel: What I’m about to say may come as shock, but it’s true: I’ve all but eschewed much of my makeup wardrobe, so to speak, in favor of high-quality skincare, a simple black cat eye, and a tinted primer or two. Lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation — my face hasn’t seen any of them in months. This switch was born not of a decision to wear less makeup, but rather pure human laziness. (I have so much more time in the morning these days… but I’m still always late to work.) Who wants to worry about maintenance all day, am I right? I’m rarely tempted to apply eyeshadow these days — or buy it, for that matter — but, oooooh, the six gorgeous shades in this NARS palette just caught my eye and won’t seem to let go.