Young Democrats Of America Elect Atima Omara As Their First Black Woman President

  • The Young Democrats of America have elected their first-ever black president and first-ever woman: Atima Omara of Virginia. [Feministing]
  • Here’s seven tried and true ways that colleges ignore sexual assault on campus. [Salon]
  • An African woman named Thembi Dlamini has sued an Atlanta, Georgia, couple for enslaving her for two years. Juna and Micahel Babb allegedly hired Dlamini to come to America to work as a caterer at their son’s wedding but then stole her passport and forced her to cook their meals, clean for them, and care for their grandson. [AlterNet]
  • announced it will pay its interns following this week’s embarrassing revelation [second item]. [Valleywag]
  • CNN brought on a hate group leader to speak out against California’s new law protecting the rights of transgender students. [Media Matters For America]
  • Why women startup founders struggle in Silicon Valley. (Maybe because this bozo took all the money?) [The Verge]
  • Washington, D.C.’s mayor has signed a law that allows transgender folks to change their gender as it is listed on their birth certificates. Previously, trans folks were only allowed to do that if they had undergone sex reassignment surgery. [Huffington Post]
  • This woman’s natural dreadlocked hair makes people uncomfortable and she couldn’t care less about it. [xoJane]
  • Feministing cofounder Jessica Valenti is ready to have the sexism talk with her three-year-old. [Feministing]


  • Vive la France! The Paris mayoral race is boasting an all-female field. [WomensEnews]
  • Gay and lesbian athletes who represent America at the Olympics in Moscow must comply with the Russian law criminalizing homosexuality, the head of the U.S. Olympic Committee has declared. How exactly that’s going to work, I’m not sure. [Advocate]
  • On fair trade coffee and the unpaid domestic labor of women. [Feministing]
  • Rosalia Mera, the co-founder of the fashion brand Zara, died last night at 69. Mera was the richest woman in Spain. [BBC]

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