We Need A Show Like Lena Waithe’s “Twenties” On TV

Close your eyes and ask yourself: When was the last time you watched a TV show starring and about a group of real black women, without tired tropes or canned laughter? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? That’s why we’re super stoked that “Twenties,” a new series from writer/actress Lena Waithe (whose Twitter and YouTube handle — HillmanGrad — is a nod to, yes, “A Different World), is currently being shopped around Hollywood. The story follows Hattie, a queer vlogger, and her two friends as they navigate work, life and falling in love with a straight best friend. Nope, you haven’t seen TV like this in a while.

We’ve clipped a segment from the show’s pilot presentation, which has been produced by Queen Latifah. Of the show, Waithe said:

“I wrote it because it was a story I needed to tell. And usually when a writer sits down with that kind of fire in their belly it always strikes a chord with audiences. “Twenties” is the most personal script I’ve ever written and I don’t think it’s a surprise that it’s also gotten me the most attention. People like it when you tell the truth. And this is mine. But I also think it’s universal. Because who can’t relate to being in your twenties and sucking at life? It’s a magical time when you don’t have to have everything figured out. It’s a ten-year window when you’re free to have awkward sex, unhealthy friendships, and a boss you can’t stand.”

Waithe also worked on the hilarious  “Michelle Obama Diaries” with “Awkward Black Girl” Issa Rae:

Take a look and share with your friends. The more we share, the more networks will hopefully realize a show like “Twenties” — about real women of color, gay and straight — have a viable audience. Fingers crossed it makes it to air somewhere. [Autostraddle]