Style 911: “Help Me Find Shoes For This Bridesmaids Dress!”

“I will be a reluctant bridesmaid in a family member’s wedding next month. The bride is having us wear silver evening shoes, either sandals or open-toe pumps, with this dusty purple (‘wisteria,’ hello) gown. Now, buying silver shoes on a budget is pretty much a one-way ticket to trashy town, but I refuse to spend over $200 on a pair of shoes that I’ll probably never wear again. Can you help me find a pair of affordable silver open-toe shoes that aren’t a death sentence for my already-compromised fashion sense?” — Sulking About Silver

Ah, the grin-and-bear-it bridesmaid. We’ve all been there, and some fare worse than others. Consider yourself fortunate: that dress is actually pretty alright! Of course, it’s probably made of uber-flammable taffeta or some shit, so be careful should you find yourself inebriated and in a close proximity to candles, which you undoubtedly will.

Silver shoes, on the other hand, are a danger zone. Metallics tend to look preeeeetty cheap when they’re, well, cheap. But not all is lost! I found four pairs of passably cute silver heels, ranging from $59-150. No guarantees (that would be a liability), but I’m certain one of these will suit your needs, at least for the night. Good luck!

1. Schutz ‘Anete’, $150, Piperlime
2. Steve Madden ‘Lynnn’ T-Strap Sandal, $79.95, Steve Madden
3. Chinese Laundry ‘Imagination’ Platform Evening Sandals, $59, Macy’s
4. Aldo Bowlick, $80, Aldo