The “Dudedoir” Photo Trend Warms My Heart

According to boudoir photography, Mariah Carle, sexy photo shoots aren’t just for women anymore. Since opening her business five years ago, Carle has noticed a jump in her male clientele –they now make up about 25 percent of her business. Hence the term “dudeoir.”

“Many men feel good about their bodies and want photos to enjoy when they’re older. Some want to show off their weight loss, and others are looking to spice up their love lives. People think that women are the only ones who want to look and feel sexy. That’s not true,” Carle told Yahoo! Shine.

When shooting a”dudedoir” session, which range in price from $600 to $2,000, Carle makes it a point to “try to get a sense of the man’s personality.” She asks: What are his hobbies? Does his wife have a favorite outfit? His favorite and least favorite body parts? She also gives her male clients the opportunity to choose props like leather-bound books, construction hats, bandanas, or bed sheets.

One of Carle’s male clients, Andrew, a businessman, made an appointment at the prompting of his wife. “I had never done anything like this, and I’m not the fittest guy, so I was nervous … We came to see Mariah with some ideas — me in a pirate costume, a kilt. Ultimately, we decided that I’d wear boxers and the kilt,” he said. “My wife and Mariah were cheering me on, and it felt awesome. I’m not a model, but it was cool to see myself that way for one day. Men don’t have many opportunities to feel sexy.”

Jet Noir, a male burlesque dancer who had Carle shoot him covered himself in body paint, said of his “dudeoir” experience: “I’ve always been comfortable with my body and taking sexy portraits was something I decided to do on a recent birthday. I wish more men would do this. You don’t have to be ripped to feel sexy.”

I agree with Jet Noir! I wish more men would do it too. Especially if body paint and pirate costumes are involved. As opposed to the “Morning After” photo trend, which made me want to die, I co-sign on “dudeoir”photos one million percent. I think convincing men to get them done will be the hard part.

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[Photos by Mariah Carle]