Did Katy Perry Totally Rip Off Sara Bareilles On Her New Song, “Roar”?

One of the most talked about songs to hit the airwaves in recent weeks is Katy Perry’s latest, “Roar.” While I’m not a Katy fan, I must admit the tune is catchy, the kind of melody and beat that could very easily get stuck in your brain for days on end. Perhaps it’s that earworm-y quality that explains why “Roar” sounds really, really similar to another recent song from a female pop singer — Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.” Bareilles released “Brave” four months ago and Perry was among its fans, tweeting her approval at Bareilles herself. She liked it so much, she basically rerecorded it with different lyrics! Above, portions of the two songs, back to back. Katy, explain yourself! [Flavorwire]