Australian Female Politician First Called “Sexy” By One Man Is Now Called Ugly By Another

  • Earlier this week, the leader of Australia’s conservative party, Tony Abbott, was asked about two female politicians, Fiona Scott and Jackie Kelly.  Shoving his head far, far up his asshole, Abbott responded that the two women were “feisty” and had “a bit of sex appeal.” Now another Australian politician has responded with even dumber remarks — if you can believe it — by announcing that Abbott must have been wearing “beer googles” for thinking Fiona Scott was a fox. “I had a good look at Fiona Scott … and she doesn’t have sex appeal at all,” said former conservative leader Mark Latham. “Se’s not that good a sort.” He then continued that Scott is a “rather plain ordinary-looking woman” and “in politics they say it is showbiz for ugly people.” I can’t even … [The Week UK]
  • How not to launch a site for women: an open letter to founder Bryan Goldberg. [Flavorwire]
  • Here is Mikki Kendall, one of the women behind yesterday’s #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen conversation, on her inspiration for the hashtag … [Guardian UK]
  • … and Feministe editor Jill Filipovic offered her own thoughts as well. [Feministe]
  • Why poor women “opt out.” [Bitch Magazine]
  • Cassandra Clare, author of the YA novel series The Mortal Instruments, on how she created an empowered girl character for her books. [Jezebel]


  • Religious groups protested in Puerto Rico today against proposed bills: one to teach about gender issues, like sexual discrimination, in public schools and another that would allow same-sex couples to adopt. [LGBTQ Nation]
  • Meet the women of Cambodia’s most recent election. [The Daily Beast]
  • Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is urging countries to hold rainbow flags — a symbol of gay rights — at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games being held in Russia this winter. Homosexuality is against the law in Russia and officials have stated their intention to arrest violators at the Olympics. [Advocate]

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