The Va J-J Visor Is A Hat For Your Vagina

Another day, another ridiculous accessory for your vagina. The Va J-J Visor is a “vaginal shield designed to help protect a woman’s inner vulva area” during “Brazilian and bikini waxing, depilatories and shaving, hair coloring, tanning or spa treatments. It can also be used as a hygienic shield while trying on swimwear or intimate apparel, and during body piercings and tattooing,” says the website. So, let’s break this down because I have  a few thoughts about vagina hats and why nobody needs one.

First, let’s talk about the list of recommended uses for the Va J-J Visor. At least half of the activities mentioned will require you to have your vagina fully exposed — Brazilian waxing, clitoral piercing, hair coloring, (Are a lot of women dying their pubic hair? Just curious?) Not to mention that the people licensed to perform these treatments are, for the most part, quite skilled at keeping hot wax, hair dye and spray tanner out of women’s inner labia and vaginal openings. If they aren’t, please find a new practitioner ASAP. Buying a vaginal shield won’t change anything. Finally, if it’s modesty that you’re after, you’re probably never going to get your labia pierced or your bush dyed purple. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but Va J-J Visor Visors are simply ridiculous. [VaJ J Visor]