“Assume A Rape Victim Is Lying” & Other Tips From The Norfolk, VA Police Dept

  • The police department in Norfolk, Virginia, just last week updated their classifications of sexual assaults, changing such claims from “unfounded” by default to acknowledging how they might be valid. Previously, official policy instructed officers to always automatically assume a rape victim was lying. This change came about after complaints by a 22-year-old woman who reported a sexual assault to police, only to be told, “If we find out you’re lying, this will be a felony charge.” [Think Progress, Raw Story]
  • The best-paid women in the S&P 500 earned 18 percent less then their male counterparts, according to new data compiled by Bloomberg. [Bloomberg]
  • A 92-year-old black woman filed a lawsuit claiming her constitutional rights have been violated just hours after Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a voter ID law. Rosanell Eaton, whose lawsuit was filed by the NAACP, has a current driver’s license but the name on it doesn’t exactly match the name on her birth certificate or her voter ID card. The suit argues that getting all three documents to use the same name will be prohibitively time consuming and expensive. [Raw Story]
  • On how football needs an anti-sexual violence advocate. [Slate]
  • This woman wonders if she should stop shopping at designers who ignore women of color in their runway shows and print ads. [xoJane]
  • There are new Jewish rituals to comfort women who have had abortions. [Tablet]
  • Five ways that “staying safe” costs women time, money and energy. [Salon]
  • Twitter is facing a potential lawsuit over trending anti-gay hashtags. [LGBTQ Nation]
  • How having an abortion in Texas strengthened one woman’s fight for reproductive rights. [RH Reality Check]
  • On CNN’s Don Lemon and the vilification of unwed mothers. [The Feminist Wire]
  • Here’s New York Times columnist Frank Bruni on tackling the roots of rape. [New York Times]


  • Lansing, Michigan voted to end its “sister city” relationship with St. Petersburg, Russia over the country’s law criminalizing homosexuality. [LGBTQ Nation]

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