Reader Poll: How Do You Choose A Hair Salon?

It sounds so dumb now, but one of the things that freaked me out the most about moving across the country was leaving my longtime hairdresser, Regan. She had done my hair for at least five or six years, and she intimately understood both my blonde waves and my complete inability to use any hair styling product more complicated than a hair dryer. As someone who has experienced their share of nightmarish haircuts, finding a reliable stylist was such a relief. But alas, I decided to move, and flying back to Oregon every 3 months to get my hair cut and highlighted is not exactly in my budget.

About a month after moving here, I bought a Groupon for a haircut and highlights at a random salon, just because it was cheap. The haircut itself was fine, I guess, but my God, I had NOTHING in common with the stylist, and sitting in a chair for 3 hours trying to make conversation felt like a terrible first date that I couldn’t leave because my hair was full of chemicals and tin foil (“So, seen any good movies lately?” “Not really.” “OK, cool.”). Now I’m back to square one. I’ve been surfing Yelp reviews and asking random lovely-haired ladies where they get their hair done, but I’m still not sure how to choose. Since my hair is currently approaching Cousin It status, I’ve gotta choose soon.

So now I’m curious. How do you guys go about finding a new salon? What factors do you take into consideration? Please vote in the poll below and share your salon-choosing strategies in the comments!

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