Nope, Sorry, 80 Bridesmaids Is Too Many

Six bridesmaids seems like a lot. Eight? Ten? Twelve? Now you’re really pushing it. But no bride in the history of pushing it has pushed it quite like Katie Dalby, 26, of the UK, who married with 80 bridesmaids by her side. Eighty. Eight-zero. 

Dably is a dance teacher at Boogie Shoes Dance Academy in Essex and asked all 74 of her students, girls ages two to 17, to walk her down the aisle.  Not to make Christmas awkward, she also asked her niece, her cousin, her three sisters-in-law, and her best friend to be by her side. All 80 women and girls donned matching pink gowns with black sashes for Dalby’s big day. A local road even had to be closed in front of the happy couple’s church in order for all the bridesmaids to line up.

It’s a nice sentiment to include everyone so no one’s feelings are hurt. But 80 bridesmaids are just too damn much.

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