Poll: Does Having An Affair With A Married Man/Woman Make You A “Bad Person”?

Let’s talk about Sydney Leathers for a minute. Sydney Leathers is a LOT of things, but is she a bad person?

This woman has made some choices that I don’t agree with— carrying on a sexting affair with a very married Anthony Weiner (ew), capitalizing on her newfound attention by releasing a hardcore masturbation porno, penning an article for xoJane.com about “How to Seduce a Politician,” to name a few.

But despite Sydney’s controversial actions, I found myself bothered when one of our Frisky Facebook fans called her a “bad person” for having the affair. It wasn’t Sydney’s lack of remorse, her shameless self-promotion or guide to deceit that had this woman labeling her as such — it was her relationship with a married man.

When I think of “bad” people, I think of Adolf Hitler, Ariel Castro and the Boston bomber. I suppose it could be argued that all of those people were “sick,” which is what made them “bad” people, but I, personally, wouldn’t put Sydney Leathers into their category. I’d put her into the “I have deep-seated issues that should be evaluated by a professional” category. I certainly don’t condone her behavior, but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that relationships are complicated.

To me, it’s quite evident Sydney has painfully low self-esteem. Was it wrong of her to knowingly have a sexting affair with a man who was married? Yes. But does having that relationship make her a “bad person”? Not to me. Unfortunately, she’s become a pro at making people dislike her, because, well … she’s kind of a train wreck across the board.

Sydney’s specific case aside, I want to know what YOU think. Is someone who has an affair with a married man/woman a “bad person” or just human?

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