Bold Move! UConn Bans Student-Teacher Relationships

The University of Connecticut officially banned any romantic relationships between students and faculty Wednesday under their “Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Inappropriate Romantic Relationships.” While undergrad relationships with faculty are completely banned, graduate student romances are forbidden only when a faculty member is in a position of power over the student.

Previously, the university had just strongly discouraged the relationships, but the firing of and investigation into music professor Robert Miller’s alleged sexual misconduct over the years served as the catalyst that finally get the policy passed.

But the ban isn’t just limited to the pupils, staff are also banned from rendezvousing with each other if one member is in a position of power over the other. The main reason for these stringent prohibitions is for UConn to be an “environment free from all forms of discrimination and discriminatory harassment,” said University President Susan Herbst.

And what counts as a “romantic relationship” you might ask?

Associate Vice President Elizabeth Conklin stated, “A romantic relationship doesn’t have to involve champagne and flowers. Romantic is a term of art under the policy — but it is any sexual, intimate, amorous proposal or encounter. The relationship can be once, it can be short term, it can be long term, it can be a marriage — everything in between. The intent is to capture it all … When you see it, you know it.”

Well, that clears things up. [The Courant]