11 Absurdly Awesome Ways Your Girls Have Your Back (According To “Community”‘s Gillian Jacobs)

Lady friends are often the best — and only — friends that you need. The friendship you have with your close female friends can be the most rewarding, frustrating, hilarious and meaningful relationship you will ever have in your life, including children, pets, significant others. Chicks before dicks, always! In celebration of the importance of female friendships, we asked one of our favorite funny ladies, Gillian Jacobs, to share with us her favorite ways her girlfriends always have her back.  Check it out!

1. Your girlfriends are the only ones honest and brave enough to tell you that you do look terrible in that skirt. You get irate when they say you look busted but get over it. In the long run you’re always grateful they told you the truth. Also, they give good makeover when you’re stuck in a fashion rut.

2. They send you care packages when you’re working out of town and lonely and homesick. I once got a package of cute socks, candles, tea and fancy chocolate that made my week.

3. Girlfriends play defensive wingwoman when creeps are trying to approach you. A stern “back off” from your girlfriend is the best weapon against weirdos.

4. They will listen to you talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about your breakup until they finally snap. No better listeners out there than good friends.

5. Holidays, especially utterly meaningless ones like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, can get a lil’ emotional. Girlfriends are the best defense against the black hole of sadness and binge eating we can all fall victim to around those dates.

6. Friends tell you about new websites, apps and Ecommerce sites so you don’t fall totally out of touch. They’re sometimes reliable tech support and in-home Apple geniuses.

7. Who will help you move? Only good, good friends. You owe them big time for hauling your mattress up five flights of stairs but they know you’d do the same for them … and will in six months.

8. Say you want to dance at a club but don’t way pervs trying to grind on you. Bring your girlfriends! Together you can both dance and dismiss sketch balls all night long!

10. In times of crisis like stalled cars, no cab fare or a broken heel — who you gonna call? Your best friend. Who needs dudes- you are each other’s own knight in shining armor. Friends are waaaay more reliable than that dude you’ve been dating for two months.

11. Have a guilty pleasure? “Kardashians,” “Real Housewives” or — deep cut — “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”? True friends will watch with you and eventually get as into as you are. We all know it’s more fun when you have someone to shout at the TV with.

If you want to see more ways your girls have your back, be sure to check this video out!