This Sunday, Let’s Play “Breaking Bad” Bingo!

This Sunday, Let's Play "Breaking Bad" Bingo!

Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the rest of the dysfunctional, meth-making “Breaking Bad” family return this Sunday, for the second half of season five and the season finale. We are so sad to see them go, but also super stoked that after about a zillion months we’re going to find out just what Hank’s gonna do now that he knows Walt’s up to no good. To make this episode even more enjoyable, we’ve prepared this handy “Breaking Bad” Bingo Game Card. First one to mark off five in a row gets … a lucrative drug-making operation in Albuquerque?

To recap, here’s what you should look out for…

TOP ROW (from left to right):
Saul Goodman, attorney at large; poisonous Lily of the Valley plants; Heisenberg’s hat; Walt Jr. (aka Flynn) eating breakfast; Jesse saying his trademark catchphrase “Yeah bitch!”

SECOND ROW (from left to right):
Walt’s bathroom copy of Leaves of Grass; Marie wearing something purple; the meth RV; Walter White’s tighty whities; the White’s pool of doom.

THIRD ROW (from left to right):
Los Pollos Hermanos; baby Holly; free space; Gale’s “Major Tom” karaoke video; a hazmat suit.

FOURTH ROW (from left to right):
Meth (duh); a house being fumigated; Jesse in a beanie hat; a flashback to Gus’s blown off face; stacks and stacks of cash.

FIFTH ROW (from left to right):
Walt scowling and planning world domination; Skyler yelling at Walt; a nice sheet of pre-smashed meth; Todd being a sociopathic child-murdering creep; Lydddddddia.

Okay, now it’s up to you: track and find as many delightful “Breaking Bad” elements as you can. And share what we forgot in the comments!