Sydney Leathers Keeps Milking Her 15 Minutes, Does Interview With Complex

“If I really wanted fame or attention, I probably wouldn’t have tried to remain anonymous (for as long as I did). I probably would’ve came out sooner with everything. And to be honest, I wouldn’t have given away the exclusive photos and the transcripts of our conversations for free to Nik Richie if I was looking to gain from it. … Once my identity was leaked, I felt like I had no choice. It was like, “You might as well speak for yourself, otherwise everyone else is going to try.” … I’m not saying I had no choice to do the photo shoot, but once my face was out there, it was like, You might as well capitalize on it while you can. Because what am I going to do? Hide in a cave and pretend I don’t exist for the rest of my life? … I don’t feel like I exploited [anything] and I don’t feel like I’m being exploited either.”

– I fail to be titillated by anything Sydney Leathers does at this point. Between the masturbation porn, the visit to the Howard Stern show, the bikini photo shoot, and that service piece she wrote for xoJane about how to seduce a politician, I’m burnt out on ol’ Syd. (But in case you’re wondering, “Leathers” is a German last name. Of course it is.) [Complex]