Ex-Victoria Secret’s Angel Kylie Bisutti’s God-Inspired Clothing Line Is Out And…

It’s terrible. We were so pulling for Kylie Bisutti, the former winged-underwear model. After all, Victoria’s Secret models are usually only known for doing one of two things: losing all their baby weight in two weeks or dating Adam Levine. Bisutti, on the (wayyy) other hand, left the coveted model position last year because it was clashing with her Christian values. She moved with her husband to Montana where she wrote her memoir, I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model To Role Model, and began her new clothing line, God inspired fashion. (Yes, the “i” and the “f” are not capitalized, for some reason.)

Well, the holy line has officially descended. And lucky for Bisutti fans, but unlucky for anyone with a whiff of style, there’s clothing for all — men, women, boys, girls, and even toddlers. The line features jeans, T-shirts and hats (see below) with verses like, “Called to a holy life” or “Fear God” etched on the times. I get that she wants her pink skinny  jeans to reiterate her religious beliefs (items have names on the web site like “Christian tank top”), I just wish Bisutti did it in a less, well, tacky way. If a passerby glanced at the outfit, she might mistake it for an etch-a-sketch combination of 2003 Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy.

Ex-Victoria Secret's Angel Kylie Bisutti's God-Inspired Clothing Line Is Out And...

C’mon Bisutti, you were a fashion model before. Granted, your “fashion” only covered about 20 percent of your body, but we have to say, we expected better than this!

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