A Fair And Honest Assessment Of James Deen’s Performance In “The Canyons” (By James Deen)

On his website, James Deen Blog: Boobs, Buttholes, Burritos (fantastic name, by the way, also NSFW), the multi-talented porn star took a moment to pen an honest review of his performance in “The Canyons” after attending the premiere. Well, kind of. He had planned to watch the movie once, surrounded by a crowd, and then, never watch it again. But after 30 seconds, he ran to the back of the theater to hang out with director Paul Schrader and producer Braxton Pope. From the glimpses he caught (because it was awkward to watch himself), he managed to eek out a critique on his performance.

“I caught glimpses and am still kicking myself.  I now have a new plan. acquire the movie, watch it alone at home. from what I saw it looked like everyone did a very good job. I give my acting a c plus. Not horrible but definitely could have done better. Watching it was very educational and I want to re shoot it and do all sorts of things better. but hey, if I ever get to do another narrative feature I now have all sorts of information on how to improve my performance. That is also just an opinion and I will always be harder on myself than anyone else…”

From the way he has humbly critiqued himself, I suspect he might have been better than a C+. As for Lindsay Lohan, the critics are split on her performance and Deen, quite wisely, has decided not to weigh in. I need to see this movie so bad. [James Deen Blog NSFW via Jezebel]